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What We Do

TCI Offers the following coatings which can be customized for each customers needs:

Water based coatings for all applications:

  • In-mold coatings for ridged or flexible foam systems. These coatings provide excellent UV durability, chemical resistance, and are very cost effective
  • Epoxy, Alkyd, and Co-polymer primers for plastics and direct to metal.
  • Alkyd and Acrylic topcoats
  • Alkyd and Acrylic direct to metal coatings
  • Adhesion promoters for TPO and Polypropylene
  • Styrene Butadiene (SBR) and Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDV) high corrosion resistant coatings

Solvent based coatings for all applications:

  • Acrylic, Vinyl, and CAB Lacquers for plastics
  • High Solid and Convention bake or air dry Alkyd for direct to metal as well as over primer
  • High Solid and Conventional bake or air dry Alkyd primer
  • 2 Component Urethanes for plastics
  • 2 Component Epoxy direct to metal or primer
  • 1 Component In Mold Coating
  • Adhesion Promoters for TPO and Polypropylene

Custom coatings:

Titan's laboratory has 60 years of experience developing custom coatings for our customers. Our philosophy is, necessity is the mother of all coatings.

Custom paint developer:

We take your performance requirements, pricing parameters and application equipment and formulate the coating to achieve optimum levels; product is not sold "off the shelf."

Technical service:

Our technical service team can also provide valuable information on trouble shooting, application suggestions and equipment. 

Inventory control:

Because of our geographic location, we can honor even last minute requests promptly. If your facility is using a water-based product, this is of particular importance to ensure the product does not freeze.

Environmental Compliance:

Titan is noted for developing environmentally compliant coatings without compromising on paint performance. Titan formulates according to allowable VOC and HAPS component parameters outlined by the customer and local environment regulatory agency.


Titan's laboratory is equipped with state of the art testing apparatus and color matching to guarantee coatings consistency, duplicity, and performance.

Warehouse space:

Titan has ample warehouse space to store inventory for customers. The amount, colors, and containerization are specified by the customer, so valuable manufacturing floor space is not wasted on the storage of inventory for our customers. 


We realize that any leak of information on a product launch can be detrimental to its success; all projects are worked on with strict privacy.

Product Guarantee:

Titan stands behind all products. If after investigation it is found that Titan is responsible for damaged product, a new shipment will be made.

Ordering and Shipping:

We make it easy for you. Titan can accommodate your choices from containerization & labeling, to method of shipment; we can also impliment changes to these procedures to establish the most functional system.

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