Titan Coatings International

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TITAN COATINGS INTERNATIONAL Was founded in 1968 in Waterford, Michigan as Titan Finishes Corporation by Brian Kelly. The company moved to a larger facility in Detroit Michigan in 1973.

Over the course of many decades Titan Finishes Corporation earned a noteworthy reputation for the development and manufacture of state of the art water and solvent based paint products for spray, dip, electrostatic and In-Mold methods of application.

Titan's leadership and ultimately it's ownership passed down to Sean Kelly, who re-incorporated in 2011 as: Titan Coatings International.

TITAN is focused on the development of state-of-the-art paint products for the automotive and Industrial markets. From paint specifications and product development to trials, production, on-time shipping and technical support; we enjoy providing cost effective solutions our customers have grown to appreciate.


TITAN believes that customer relationships are the key to our long-term success. We
promote these relationships with our direct customer and our “indirect” customers (OEMs).
These relationships are nurtured by our sales and service staff.

TITAN believes that we truly sell a consultative service along with our paint technologies.
We provide this service to all customers: large, small, near or far.
In an effort to meet the ever-changing demands of our customer base TITAN aggressively
monitors market changes, attitudes and opinions.


TITAN has abundant manufacturing capacity and warehouse space available. We maintain
a constant stock of totes, drums, and pails so orders may be shipped virtually upon


TITAN believes that our current and future success depends upon the products we
develop. Therefore, we develop products that can be easily reproduced and applied in
most processes. TITAN products are also designed with a strong emphasis on
environmental compliance without compromising paint performance.
TITAN has a fully equipped laboratory and support their customers with
appropriate testing and reporting.


TITAN is fully committed to maintaining the highest quality processes and products. From
our President on down we are believers in the discipline and responsibility required to meet
the highest quality standards.


Quick Response

  • Our lead times are seven to ten working days
  • If raw materials are available we can make paint in one day


  • Privately-owned – no parent company
  • No extreme financial leverage
  • Main building is owned outright

Pigment Grinding Capabilities

  • Improves raw material costs
  • Improves quality
  • Improves performance
    • Physical Properties
    • Application


  • Technical Service – Process & Troubleshooting Support
  • Laboratory Support – Color, Additive & Troubleshooting Support

Small Batch Support

  • Service
  • R & D
  • Sales